Monday, July 13, 2009

Not this "Groundhog's Day" honey and I were relaxing by the pool after a hard day's work...well, one of us was working hard while the other was "bored" and complaining quite loudly as she wanted to spend the beautiful day doing something other than working around the house like going for a motorcycle ride or walking in the woods or swimming in the pool, but he says "a farmer's work is never done" which is funny because all we can farm here is rocks and he was so very busy pumping water out of the holes left by the trees knocked down for the pole barn so that the project would not be delayed waiting for it to dry up. WHEW!!

So...we finally made it out to the pool around dinner time. It was actually my honey's first day in the pool. We had been in the spa once before, but he had not been in the pool. We were relaxing...having a cold beverage...enjoying the late afternoon is least for some of God's creatures.

Suddenly there the edge of the fence...a groundhog...going about his business...probably searching for dinner as he left telling the kids "I'll be right back!" Little did he know his plans for the day were to be drastically changed!

My honey spots the creature, and with testosterone surging says "I must shoot him!" I am not sure which male instinct clicked into gear...protector? (although I really was not afraid of this creature)...provider? (I do have a great cookbook called "The White Trash Cookbook" with lots of great recipes for roadkill and things of this nature)...but off he went to retrieve his BB gun.

He emerged from the garage...BB gun in hand...all pumped up and ready to go (the gun, not him, although I am certain that was true of him also)...stood right next to me...aimed...fired...kerplunk! The groundhog fell over instantly. I responded with "good shot" which my honey says was the nicest thing I ever said to him???? I will never understand how the male mind works!

We then shared a private joke about dumping the poor little creature into the septic tank. Why, you ask? When we were first looking at the property the real estate agent...yes, the intoxicated one...told us that all you have to do to keep your septic working properly is to dump a dead animal in it every so often. Wow...who thinks of these things besides sauced-up real estate agents? The Clampets, maybe?? My honey dumped it in the woods.

A good day all around for my honey...not so much for the groundhog.

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