Monday, July 6, 2009

The Pool Boy

My honey and I sat by the side of the pool this morning watching Sebastian methodically clean the pool. I know...that is pretty sad. We could be doing at least a million other "important" things...but there we sat...mesmerized. I am just ecstatic to have Sebastian as my aching 50-something year old shoulders could not have withstood many more days of scrubbing the sides and bottom with the pool brush. While the plaster was curing I had to brush the pool down two times a day...about a 1 1/2 hour process. It seems that either pool cleaning has gotten more difficult to do since our last pool 9 years ago, or I have become weak and helpless in my "old" age.

But, dear Sebastian is just what the doctor ordered! He is thorough...slow...
tedious...making sure that every piece of debris is carefully "swept up". And by the way... he's not bad looking either!! No, we won't go there with the "pool boy" jokes.

I will look forward to his daily cleaning. He not only brightens my pool, but my day! Jessie and I will now take the few extra hours he has freed up for me, and spend it by the pool...relaxing in the sun...reading a few good books...and bonding.

Thanks, Sebastian for for all your hard work!

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